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Hell's Gate 2012

First race of the season for Beta Enduro Factory Team

The Beta Enduro Factory Team has taken part in the 2012 edition of the famous Tuscany race with the American rider Cody Webb and giving support to a good number of riders using the RR2012.

A hard selection has brought 5 riders only to fight for the final victory. Cody has been very competitive for the all race and since the beginning he has been between the best riders.
4 ° at the end of the first stage and always riding for the podium, thanks to its qualities and an absolutely perfect motorcycle for the whole race, he was able to gain a good 4 th place finish.

Excellent participation of riders riding Beta RR4T with a total of 15 pilots on 92 and 6 riders in the first 18th positions.

Final Standings
1° Graham Jarvis
2° Jonny Walker,
3° Xavi Galindo
4° Cody Webb (Beta)
5° Andreas Lettembichler
9° Piero Sembinini (Beta)
11°Diego Nicoletti (Beta)
12°Maurizio Gerini (Beta)
15°Daniele Telini (Beta)
18°Gianluca Martini (Beta)