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World Enduro Championship 2017 - Germany


Zschopau, a small German town a few kilometres away from Leipzig, hosted the last leg of the Enduro 2017 season and gave the double, or rather triple, World Title to the Tuscan company.

The leader of the EnduroGP general ranking, Steve Holcombe, arrived in Germany with the need to get 10 points to win the championship.

At the end of the two races, with a fantastic double and full points – 50 – Steve Holcombe became the World EnduroGP Champion, and Beta won the EnduroGP World Championship for manufacturers, as it did last year.

The two titles arrived at the height of a spectacular season for the English rider of the Beta Factory Team: 11 podiums – including 6 victories – in 16 races. The feat of strength deployed right from the first day of the race, with five best times in the nine special tests, allowed him to also win the “Brave One” award dedicated to Mika Ahola.

With Day 2, besides the absolute certainty of the EnduroGP Manufacturer Title, Beta also received the third decoration thanks to the achievement of the World Junior Champion Title by Brad Freeman. The rider of the Beta Boano Racing Team indeed completed his comeback with Davide Soreca thanks to the double in Germany and the 10 wins in the 14 races he took part in.

The season therefore ended as one of the most victorious ones for the big Beta family.

It was instead a bitter weekend for Alex Salvini who, after a good start on the inaugural day during which was in fifth place, had to withdraw from the race due to a physical problem on his shoulder.


“I’m very happy about the title won. This has been an incredible and exciting season and the World Championship won with this double feels better.”


“I came here in Germany with the idea of doing a great race and I’m going home with another injury. A season to be forgotten and put aside as soon as possible.”