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RR Enduro 4T 125

New look for the 125cc aircooled models of the Beta range

The look of the RR Enduro 4t 125cc and RE 125cc has got a complete redesign. Now plastics were adapted from the 50 cc models which had been introduced in MY 2012. Frame and suspension on the other hand remain exclusive for the use with a 125 engine.

The news do not just concern the look, but:

  • Adjustable rear suspension with two different upper fixing points of the shock in order to adjust the seat height.
  • Frame with double cradle split above exhaust system;
  • New frame’s geometry: new wheelbase and steering angle to improve handling and riding precision.

And in addition, also RR and RE are equipped with the new digital instrument, which characterizes the whole Enduro range. The large display and the efficient background illumination deliver all required info during each kind of riding conditions.
The new rubber carb manifold instead of an alloy one separates carburation from engine temperature and vibrations.
The new bikes are equipped with double seat and passenger footrests.
Both are powered by a 4 stroke single cylinder engine with 5 speed gearbox, which allows fluent riding at low consumption level (4 l. / 100 km).

The new models are the right choice for off road beginners or driving license newbees, as excellent and balanced handling together with an engine with good low end power create the necessary confidence. Of course both models are perfectly suitable to a day to day use.

RR 125cc

Inspired by the bigger sisters of the BETA Enduro range this new 125 cc comes optional with the aggressive “rosso fluo” design of the competition Enduros or in a sporty all white. Seat position, the 40 mm front fork, the alloy rims, robust hubs with new design and a performant exhaust complying with Europe’s EURO 3 standard form a bike for Enduro use. The 80/90-21 and 110/80-18 tyres complete the off road dedication.