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Ark One AC/LC

Funny and cheerful, Ark is the Beta proposal for every person who is looking for a practical, reliable and gritty vehicle.

Ark AC One air cooled available with the new more winning graphic, is the suitable scooter for people who live the road with fun and freedom, adding colour to your day.

The Ark look doesn’t hide its sporting and scathing spirit: high mudguards, off-road sides, brawny muffler, are only some details that add energy and race look to a daily use vehicle. With its hardy frame and with its handiness, Ark has a forceful hydraulic fork and a adjustable spring preload mono-shock that grant adherence to the road and an incredible steadiness.

Equipped with a powerful and steady engine, Ark is extremely versatile: it was born with off-road heart according with Beta style, but he is also aggressive on the asphalt thank to slick tyres.

In order to get Ark riding more exciting a lot of accessories are available: the very practical windshield that protect against rain and wind and the rear luggage rack, which is extremely useful to go shopping in city.