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EVO 250/290 2T

Innovative aluminium alloy single-beam frame: maximum rigidity and minimum weight, with built-in fuel tank.
Monoshock with progressive linkage: centring the masses along the longitudinal axis and giving a better feel to the ride.
Weight located over the centre of gravity for better dynamic behaviour.


Cycle Parts

  • Brand new ø 38mm Paioli forks: more progressive, slide more freely
  • New aluminium fork yoke with single-fixing pivoting handlebar risers
  • New radiator with greater cooling efficiency
  • Lightened wheels with aluminium spoke-nipples
  • New wheel bearings, lighter and more compact
  • New design for air filter box, provides greater breathing efficiency
  • Swing-arm with hydroformed extruded rails: reduced weight with greater rigidity
    aluminium-bodied shockabsorber with adjustment for preload and rebound damping
  • Dedicated rear brake system: less bulk, reduced weight and greater effectiveness
  • New engine protection plate with greater rigidity
  • New electrical system
  • New bodywork design: high ergonomic efficiency, reduced overall dimensions


  • New programmable digital ignition with dual mapping switch (soft and racing)
  • New cylinder head dismantlable into two pieces
  • New forged conrod and piston: 30% less weight to reduce reciprocating masses
  • Brand-new engine size: 290cc 2-stroke with greater versatility for use in competition and at altitude
  • Innovative exhaust system for better performance and noticeable reduction in noise output
  • New ignition casing