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The innovative concept “from off-roader to trials bike in a few minutes” changes its look

Both colors, white and red, show new graphics underling the design of this product to be extremely special. Compact and athletic, the Alp stands out for the originality of its concept, with sleek and dynamic lines.

In addition, the 2014 ALP 200cc gains innovative product functions thanks to the front headlight protection of its big sister, the ALP 4.0, and the speedometer straight from the RR range.

The ALP 200cc also retains the characteristic features of reliability and low running costs which have made it such a success in recent years.

Features such as these listed show off the new ALP’s advantages:

  • The idea is as simple as it is brilliant. There are no accessories to buy, you only need one wrench to remove the tank cover and seat to transform the new ALP into an entry level trials bike. One bike, two uses, and only a few minutes to make the conversion. Go from off road adventure bike to trial bike in seconds!
  • Feather weight and a low seat height complete the picture.
  • It is enormous fun for day-to-day traveling, and even more striking is the bike’s off road performance.