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RR 4T 350/390/430/480

RR 4T MY 2016

Electronic Fuel Injection System

The main innovation of the 2016 RR Enduro range is the introduction of the electronic fuel injection system on all 4 stroke models. Fuel injection was already introduced on the 2015 350 RR model and has proved to be much more efficient than a carburetor, thanks to its great reliability and simple engine management, its extraordinary fuel delivery has received positive feedback from casual riders and racers alike.

Beta’s engineers have worked directly with Synerject to provide an EFI system that has proven to be tried and true. With its 42mm-diameter throttle body, the system ensures precise control of the fuel delivery under any condition, the air-fuel mixture is optimized at any altitude thanks to temperature and pressure gauges. Riders of all levels will enjoy spontaneous and linear engine response, thanks to the adoption of a stepper motor mounted on the throttle body, a precise minimum engine speed is guaranteed and engine braking is significantly reduced. This insures a smooth and predictable power delivery that is synonymous with Beta.


Many other new features have also been added to the 4T engines, with the aim of further improving power delivery and exploiting the engine’s full power.

The new intake ports on the 430 and 480 models have optimized flow for improved torque and power.

The exhaust cam of the 480 has a new profile that provides a more linear power delivery.

The rev limiter of the 350 has been brought up to 13,000 rpm (as opposed to the previous 12,500 rpm) for greater performance and provide more over-rev.

The piston of the 350 and 390 models has new DLC-treated oil rings to reduce friction and oil consumption.

The oil pressure valve has a new spring that offers greater stability at high temperatures, reducing the pressure variations in the system.

The shift detent lever has a new aluminum roller that reduces the friction during gear changes and reduces wear on the gear starwheel which improves shifting action.

The new tri-phase 18 pole electric ignition supplies power of 200 watts ensuring quicker battery charging. New diodes also reduce voltage losses further improving the charging system.

Many of the engine’s screws are now in 7075 aluminum rather than steel for a greater weight savings.


Many other new features have been introduced to further enhance handling as well as ease of maintenance.

The skid plate is now made of plastic similar to the 2T models. Made from the latest-generation polyamide that combines great impact resistance with extreme lightness, as well as offering greater protection against mud that can get in between the engine and the plate.

The frame derives directly from the 2015 Racing model, the two main connection tubes to the steering head increased and created with a rectangular section made of Molybdenum steel. This improved frame is a direct result of comprehensive analysis and research and has allowed for the rigidity of the various axes to be optimized for greater stability and riding precision.

The new handlebar is lower providing improved weight transfer on corner entry and thus offering maximum control.

The air filter box has been improved in terms of its water drainage. Also new are the air box cover fasteners that provide a more secure and dependable system.

To improve and optimise absorption capacity, the 48 mm Sachs fork has been updated in terms of the oil flow entering and exiting the cartridge, that is now entirely managed by the harmonic shims. The drive of the main spring in the cartridge support area has been improved, thus reducing friction and rendering fork movement more fluid.

The odometer instrumentation has been updated and integrates lights indicating low fuel level and electronic fuel injection system diagnostics.

Fuel Tank

The fuel tank is now translucent allowing for a clear view of the fuel level in any situation.

The Graphics

The graphics retain the classic and distinctive Beta colors characterizing the Italian heritage. Even more stunning are the front fork tubes now with gold anodizing to match the rear shock reservoir.