Beta is pleased to announce the line-up of the Official Trial 2022 Team, which will defend the company during the season in National and International competitions.

The team will be composed of four top riders: Matteo Grattarola, Aniol Gelabert, Lorenzo Gandola and Sondre Haga.

The riders will take part in the Outdoor World Championship, the XTrial Championship and their respective National championships.
Matteo Grattarola and Aniol Gelabert will compete in the TrialGP Category of the Outdoor World Championship, while Haga and Gandola will race in the TR2 Category.

The XTrial World Championship will be held exclusively by Matteo Grattarola and Sondre Haga.
As for the National Outdoor Championships, the categories will be TR1 for Matteo Grattarola, and Lorenzo Gandola in the Italian Championship.
Gelabert will battle in the TR1 of the Spanish Championship while Sondre Haga will be attending the Nordic Championship.

Beta is happy to announce that, also in the 2022 season, will support the Rabino Sport Team. Rabino will be present at the World and National Championships with the reigning World Champion Andrea Sofia Rabino and her brother Carlo Alberto, respectively in the Trial Woman and the Tr2 categories.

Visit to the races and you will find Beta Factory Team and Rabino Sport together in the paddock, happy to let you meet the riders and the world of Trial.

Waiting to see the riders live on their Evo 300 2T Factory, enjoy the video of their presentation!

Master Enduro: 03/10 Umbertide (PG) – Moto Club Fratta Offroad