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Betamotor Customer Support


Before submitting a new ticket please make sure to read the following FAQs.
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Sales information

You can obtain model brochures and other info material from our authorized dealers. Alternatively, download them from the Download section of the website (

Complete information about our product range can be found on our website. Our phone/email staff can only provide the same information as that presented on our website.

All models currently on sale are featured on our website. If a model is not yet on the site, it means it is not yet available for purchase.

Spares and accessories need to be ordered via our authorized dealers.

New products are announced on the website, in the News and Bikes sections. There is no other way to receive information in advance.

This type of information is not available. To find out about availability at a particular dealer-ship, you need to contact the dealership in question directly as only they can inform you about their current stock.

You can find your nearest dealer by referring to the Dealers area of the website (Dealers).

Use and maintenance manuals can be downloaded from the (My Beta)a area. Vintage models manuals are not available.

The workshop manuals are part of the technical documentation that is not given to the final customer, as it is for the exclusive use of official Beta dealers. It is not, then, possible to have a copy.

The spare part catalogs (with exploded drawings) for the various models can be downloaded from the My Beta area of the website (Exploded).

Simply browse the Accessories section ( using the drop-down menus to identify the type and model/year that interests you.

Please refer to an official Beta dealer who will be able to provide details of prices and assem-bly costs.

The models in our range, like the spares and accessories, can only be purchased via author-ized dealers.

Beta does not provide quotes for the used market. We suggest you refer to the specialist press (print or on-line) where you can find a quote for your used vehicle.

We are unable to supply color codes for the plastic parts of your bike. However, such codes can easily be identified by a good body shop mechanic equipped with the proper tools.

You need to order a complete new lock/key set from an authorized dealer to replace the lost one.

Technical support

You need to refer to an official Beta dealer for a visual assessment and technical analysis.

As our vehicles are specialized, we suggest you limit any independently performed maintenance to that outlined in the use and maintenance manual. For everything not included in the use and maintenance manual, we suggest you refer to an authorized Beta dealer.

If your bike has a technical problem, we can direct you to your nearest dealer. For obvious reasons, we cannot supply technical advice remotely. Without being able to perform any technical or visual checks on the bike directly, we are unable to identify the problem. It is essential that you visit an authorized Beta dealer who will contact our technical advisers to solve the problem.

Betamotor does not issue permits for the homologation (type approval) of motorcycles or scooters that have undergone modification. We cannot take responsibility for any modifications not made by Betamotor itself.

Vintage and historic vehicles

Write to [email protected] with the information in your possession (including photos, if available) and specify the exact information you need. It is not always possible to provide precise information, tech specs or photographic documents for all vehicles, but we shall provide a copy of the information in our possession where available.

Unfortunately, spares for vintage models are no longer available. We therefore advise you to refer to shows/markets dedicated to vintage vehicles. A general web search will highlight events and markets dedicated to vintage bikes.

Factory visit

It is currently not possible to visit the Betamotor factory.


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