Over the weekend just gone, Montone (PG) hosted the 4th round of the Enduro Master Beta, organised by the Moto Club Fratta Off Road. A total of 75 riders from all over Italy kicked off in the Enduro Test and Cross Test.

Alessio Bini
took part in the Challenge on his Beta 250 2T and recorded the best times on 5 special stages, ending in 1st position, ahead of Andrea Rocchi and Andrea Gava. Following in the top ten: Roberto Bazzurri, Matteo Luison, Elia Pegoraro, Daniele Tellini, Elia Campagnolo, Enrico Babuin, Alessandro de Vecchi and Leonardo Oberhuber.

Much appreciated was the participation of the young Federico Salucci who, riding a Beta 50 2t, completed the day with great enthusiasm. For the 125 Class, the leader was Gioele Granchi, followed by Francesco Pauselli and Alberto Ravazzini.

In the women’s Class, both wearing Lady Beta shirts, were Elena Ghelfi and Elisa Gallorini.

In the 200/250 Class, Edoardo Goracci got the 1st position, followed by Jacopo Rossi’s silver and Lorenzo Andreini‘s bronze. Moving on to the 300 Class, it was again Mattia Coppa who took the highest step on the podium, followed by Alessio Fagiolari and Gianluca Piccolo.

For the 4T Class, great performance by Alexander Maltry who, riding his Beta 390 4T, made it hard for Mirko Pavan, second, and Alessandro Montanucci, third.

Riccardo Giannettoni won the Veteran Class, climbing up on the podium with Lucio Chiavini, second, and Simone Benda, third.

In order to mark the season, there will be the Beta Day, next 15th October in Rignano sull’Arno; this will be a great moment to award the protagonists of the sixth season of the Enduro Master Beta 2023.