George takes the Championship!


Over the weekend just gone, the seventh round of the Herzt Fim Trial World Championship 2023 was held in Vertolaye, France. The race took place in a pinegrove, characterised by an undergrowth full of stones and a dusty track, which was however well designed and enjoyable for riders and viewers, confirming the excellent organisation of the Motoclub Livradois.

The competition was of excellent level for the junior categories, but proved to be extremely selective for the GP category, for which some very tough and tricky areas were included.

On Saturday:

Matteo Grattarola finished with a good 4th position in the TrialGP, while Roura Aniol Gelabert finished 6th.

In Trial 2 Harry Hemingway had a very good race and climbed up to the 3rd step of the podium. Worth mentioning is the excellent race of Carloalberto Rabino, who finished in 2nd position. A good race, also, for David Fabian, who finished in 8th position.

George Hemingway overcame in Trial 3, securing the Championship Title. Good performances also by Mirko Pedretti, 4th, and Jonas Jorgensen, 6th, in the same category.

In the TrialGP Women Andrea Sofia Rabino ended in 4th position after an excellent race.

On Sunday:

Matteo Grattarola finished again 4th, just one point behind the 3rd position due to a few mistakes. Despite a shoulder injury in the last zone of the first lap, Roura Aniol Gelabert managed to finish the race with an excellent 6th position. Both riders confirmed these their respective positions in the final championship ranking.

In Trial 2 Harry Hemingway confirmed his 3rd place, showing his actual progress which led him to the 7th position in the Championship.

In Trial 3 George Hemingway finished 2nd and won his Championship Title. Mirko Pedretti achieved another good 4th position in the race and 6th in the Championship.

In the TrialGP Women Andrea Sofia Rabino climbed on the 3rd step of the podium, confirming her 3rd position also in the Championship.

Also worth mentioning are the performances of Laia Pi Ramirez and Marine Aurieres in the Trial 2 Women, who ended the Championship in 3rd and 4th position respectively.

Our warmest congratulations to all Beta riders and especially to George, who won the World Championship in the Trial3 125 category!